About me



🇫🇷 Since 2018 – Lead Data Scientist – Neoxia

🌐 Since 2019 – Mentor – OpenClassrooms

🌐 Since 2018 – Interviewer – Five Books

🇬🇧 2015-2018 – Data Analyst/Scientist – University of Oxford

🇫🇷 2012-2015 – Social Media Analyst – La Netscouade

🇫🇷 2011-2012 – Social Media Manager – Europe Ecology-The Greens


Python: data manipulation/transformation (pandas), scientific computing (numpy), machine learning (keras, TensorFlow, scikit-learn), visualisation (matplotlib, seaborn), language processing (nltk), web scraping (Beautiful Soup)

R: data manipulation/transformation (data.table, dplyr), cleaning (tidyr, stringr), visualisation (ggplot2, Shiny), reading/writing (readr, rio, feather, fst), web scraping (rvest), profiling/optimisation

Machine learning & statistics: frequentist inference, linear/logistic regression, supervised learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks & deep learning), unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems)

Data engineering: certified Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform (GCP): BigQuery, Bigtable, Dataflow, Cloud SQL, Datastore, Datalab, GCE, GCS, Cloud Composer. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Aurora, RDS, DynamoDB, Redshift, Sagemaker, EC2, S3. Apache Airflow.

Other languages: Bash, SQL, PHP, HTML/CSS

Operating systems: macOS, Ubuntu, Windows

Web analytics: Google Analytics, Twitter API, Facebook API


🇫🇷 2011-2013 – Sciences Po Paris – Master’s degree, Marketing and Studies

🇪🇸 2010-2011 – Pontifical University of Salamanca – Department of Communication

🇫🇷 2008-2011 – Sciences Po Paris – Bachelor’s degree (law, economics, history, political science, humanities and sociology)


Jul. 2019 - Five Books – The best books on Learning Python and Data Science, recommended by Vicki Boykis (link)

May 2019 - 10th place in the 2019 Data Science Olympics, a machine learning contest in Berlin and Paris with 2 hours to create the best predictive model (website, leaderboard)

Mar. 2019 - JDN – Big data : assiste-t-on à l’émergence d’une expertise data “full-stack” ? (link)

Jan. 2019 - Five Books – The best books on Effective Altruism, recommended by Will MacAskill (link)

Oct. 2018 - Five Books – The best books on Data Science, recommended by Roger D. Peng (link)

Sep. 2018 - Five Books – The best books on Existential Risks, recommended by The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (link)

Aug. 2018 - Five Books – The best books on Computer Science for Data Scientists, with Hadley Wickham (link)

Apr. 2018 - Five Books – The best books on Computer Science and Programming, with Ana Bell (link)

Sep. 2017 - Archived tweets from French politicians (link)

Sep. 2017 - Dataset of 27,957 video game ratings scraped from PEGI’s website (link)

Jan. 2016 - Qui sont les meilleurs et les pires députés de 2015 ? (link, link)

Dec. 2015 - Non, Marine Le Pen n’est pas en mesure de devenir présidente en 2017 (link)

Oct. 2014 - À qui les ministres français s’intéressent-ils sur Twitter ? (link)